rocksKaló Pásxa - Happy Easter

The Greek Islands put forth a springtime rich in beauty, bounty, and tradition. Aromas of lavender and rosemary intermingle in the ever-warming breezes of the day. Carpets of wildflowers decorate the verdant hills. A feeling of rebirth and rejuvenation is palpable as the country prepares for Easter, undoubtedly the biggest holiday in Greece, and one that is celebrated in a beautifully unique way.

Each city, village, and church takes part in Easter ceremonies rich with both pageantry and piety. Easter week, or Holy Week, is marked by different events on each day or night. Some of the most remarkable are the procession of the flower-decorated epitaphios (bier of Christ) on Good Friday and the Resurrection Mass on Saturday night. Easter Sunday is the day for celebration and the breaking of the Lenten fast with lamb roasts and jubilation.

yachtsEaster in Hydra

The island of Hydra is especially known for its Easter celebrations. During Holy Week, the island swells with pilgrims who come to absorb the unique nature of a holiday celebrated in the village's narrow alleyways and across the sweep of its two tiny ports, without motor vehicles of any sort.

All of Hydra's processions wind through the village and along the seashore, but perhaps the most famous aspect of Easter in Hydra is the Good Friday procession of the epitaphios, when the flower-festooned bier of Christ is held aloft by a selection of the town's young men and processes through the fishing village of Kamini, down the coast road, and into the sea. The arcing port of Kamini fills with people holding flickering candles - lighting the dark of night. Both the flames and the epitaphios are reflected in the port's dark waters. In fact, Greek television crews usually broadcast this one-of-a-kind rite throughout the country.

rocksEaster Week Festivities


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